#Intercultural Coaching
Intercultural coaching will support you in overcoming the barriers you face when working internationally, question your usual ways of working, and improve your global performance.
I recommend coaching for managers, leaders, and specialized personnel as support in situations of change or upheaval, for the making of difficult decisions or in crisis situations, as well as in the course of foreign assignments. Coaching is traditionally undertaken face-to-face, but for a number of years I have successfully also undertaken it virtually. For such e-coaching we use media such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business Facetime, Cisco Webex, or telephone.

The aim of the coach is to provide support, in this way developing an optimal solution for the individual and for the systems:

- In situations of change or upheaval that can result from acquisitions abroad or the founding of joint ventures or foreign branches

- In the formation of new teams, support in the integration of the members of the team, the development of values within the team, and the definition of roles in the team

- In the case of difficult decisions and in crisis situations, support in the development of new, useful perspectives, strategies, and solutions

- In the course of foreign assignments, uncertainties and upsets emerge among the assignee and their accompanying family members as a result of the strong change processes associated with the move. The aim of the coaching here is to reconcile the professional and personal goals of all stakeholders so that the sojourn can be a positive and successful chapter in the lives of each of the individuals and for everyone as a whole.

For my coaching I use a systematic, solution-oriented, and constructivist approach. Further information is available on request!